BUDD – Spangled/Boots N Catz (MAU5TRAP)

spangled/boots n catz

BUDD makes a swift return to Mau5trap with ‘Spangled‘ and ‘Boots N Catz‘. The double release comes only a month and a half since ‘Highline‘ found its way to the Deadmau5 label.

Spangled introduces itself with pitched and distant notes which bring in a pulled back synth. Short kicks and snappy percussion give the track energy as it rolls into a breakdown. Coming to that point, previous elements start reintroducing themselves through time moving the track to a riser. To complete, it brings back the main rhythm with a catchy melody atop it.

‘Boots N Catz’ is calmer on the percussive end, with a seemingly more subtle melody. The dotting plucks are emphasized throughout the track giving it the groove which locks it in. BUDD differentiates it from the first release by giving it a softer tone. A more consistent overall feel allows the song to breathe and give it an airy feeling for listening ease.

Give ‘Spangled’ and ‘Boots N Catz’ some love below!