The Summer season has begun and we have just the track for you to start vibing to the warmer weather! Afro Bros and Sean Kingston have just released their latest collab together called ‘How Many Times‘. You may recall Sean Kingston from some your favorite pop tracks from a few years ago including ‘Fire Burning’ and ‘Beautiful Girls’. But the Jamaican Popstar is back and sounding better than ever!

Afro Bros is well known for their Latin sounding dance tracks and have achieved many awards in their career already. Their latest production of ‘How Many Times’ perfectly compliments Jamaican popstar Sean Kingston’s vocals. The track features various percussion instrumental sounds throughout before leading into a fun melodic drop.

When speaking on how this collaboration came to be, here is what Afro Bros had to say:

“We wanted to make a remake of the super hit ‘Beautiful Girls’ of Sean Kingston. Instead of doin’ that we now have a collaboration with the man himself! ‘How Many Times’ is a romantic summer jam that comes with an Afro Bros drop and drums!”

‘How Many Times’ is out now on Spinnin Records so be sure to check out the track below now!