Deadmau5 Talks Cube Updates and His Creative Drought

The historically outspoken Deadmau5 has been quiet lately on social media regarding anything other than his upcoming tour and KAOS nightclub residency. However, Joel Zimmerman recently filled fans in on what he has been up to during his break and his struggles with a “creative drought.”

Deadmau5 took to Reddit Wednesday, June 12th to share an update with fans regarding his new Cube V3 Tour, new releases and the trouble he’s been having with his creative process.

In his post, Joel says he has a handful of releases on the way but doesn’t give any definitive dates of when fans will get to hear the tracks.

Deadmau5 then mentions he’s been experiencing a creative drought. Some of the contributions that he says have led to the drought include his personal life, the break from his socials and the pressure to finish the Cube show.

“…lots of little things have just contributed to that weird debilitating feeling…” Deadmau5 said.

He says that the feeling can often turn into musical frustration, which can be bad news for artists and fans alike.

Joel goes on to say he signed up for in-home piano lessons, stating they might be a good little break. He jokes that he might develop techniques to be a “real fucking musician.”

While Deadmau5 is still full steam ahead on the Cube V3 Tour, he hints at some new ideas besides music to take the place of his absence of online streaming.