As huge as we might think EDM is, the reality is that most of the world still mostly listen to rock, pop and hip hop. And it’s these genres that are usually represented in mainstream magazines or at huge events. The trend, however, is changing like with Apple using Odesza’s Loyal in the reveal video for the iPhone XS & XR. And now ARTY joins that group of featured EDM Artists.

Some of you may have noticed during Apple’s Dark mode reveal for iOS 13 his name on the left-hand side. The presentation slide featured a screenshot of ARTY’s #1 US Dance radio hit ‘Save Me Tonight’. It seems someone in Apple’s design team is a fan.

Apple definitely had scores of artists, songs and mainstream genres to represent on that slide, and they chose a song by ARTY. Which is a significant achievement for him & for EDM at the same time no?

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