A Fyre-y Start to Bonnaroo Leaves Attendees Stranded in Line for Hours


Trouble in Tennessee has hit Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival as attendees wait in line for hours to gain entry. It is now the eighth hour and a little bit of madness is starting to ensue.

Their Twitter is gaining a lot of hilarity for an unfortunate start to the weekend. Many haven’t moved from their spot in line on the side of Hillsboro Highway. It’s being thrown out there that this is comparable to the infamously unorganized Fyre Festival fiasco in 2017.

Some are demanding credits for drinks or tickets, while others are wanting an apology of the ages. This may cut their festival time to three days. Perhaps the lineup for next year will come out before they enter. One attendee responded to their sold out message with “I’ll see you on Day 4 when I finally get through these lines!” With this kind of wait time, anyone pregnant in line could have their child attend once they got inside. For others that are seasoned goers, it is nice to hear their positivity radiate.

On some real shit, if you’re not willing to wait a couple hours in line for Bonnaroo then you’re not a real Roo OG. First time I came to bonnaroo I waited in line 8+ hours. Pulled on the farm at sunrise. Still had an amazing time. 5th year back. Positive Vibes people. – “Chelsey not chelsea @whatitdofufu

The situation is developing currently and the traffic control situation is still unknown. It is definitely hard to sit through seven hours of waiting, on top of whatever other trek came previously to get there. Phish, Childish Gambino, The Avett Brothers Post Malone, Hozier, and the rest of the lineup will not go anywhere this weekend. Our thoughts go out to those stranded just trying to get their dancing on this weekend. We hope things start looking up!

Bonnaroo has not yet offered a public statement regarding the long entry wait and lines.