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Whethan – Let Me Take You (feat. Jeremih)

2019 is the year of the wallflower as Whethan seems to be blooming lately. He is fresh off the debut release of his Life of a Wallflower EP which turned out to be a smashing hit. Fanning from summer feel good tracks such as ‘Radar’ to the more clubby ‘Top Shelf’, his EP is a showcase of his years of producing experience and artistry. And now he’s looking to expand his sound to the next level. Out now is his latest collab with Jeremih titled, ‘Let Me Take You

‘Let Me Take You’ features a hypnotic house beat that’s nothing like we’ve heard from Whethan yet. It’s fun, upbeat, and works well paired with the sultry vocals of R&B star Jeremih.

Here is what Whethan had to say about the track:

“I had been sitting on this track with Jeremih for a while now and explored every possible version of the song before landing on this one. I’ve been really inspired by a lot of house music and wanted to find a way to bring that into my world. It was important to me that I made something that people could really dance to. This is probably my favorite track to date and I’m just excited to show my fans where the future of my music is headed.”
Check out ‘Let Me Take You’ below and enjoy!