Watch out Billboard, because Rolling Stone will be launching their very own music charts to rival Billboard’s established charts. The charts will cover the top 100 singles and top 200 albums in the U.S.

Along with the two top charts, the Rolling Stone Charts will also include the top 500 Artists, the Trending 25, and the Breakthrough 25. The Artist 500 will reflect the most-streamed artists. The Trending 25 will follow the tracks that signify the most rapid chart movement based on metrics. Finally, the Breakthrough 25 will incorporate newcomers that enter the charts for the very first time.

Rolling Stones sees their charts as the newest way to streamline rising song releases. Rolling Stone owner Penske Media Corp. explained that their strategy is to constantly evolve our brands and products across media platforms, according to CEO Jay Penske.

In addition, Penske said:

“What’s imperative and exciting about our new Rolling Stone Charts is that it will present a transparent, granular, and real-time quantification to accurately reflect listeners’ evolving interests and give insight into worldwide trends.”

The charts will take data from music streaming sites and apps to determine the placement of each song/album. The charts will utilize the information to demonstrate how the chart rankings dynamically change from streams. Analytics will come from Alpha Data to determine the rankings.

Hopefully, this will allow other genres to be noticed more and more. If rising dance artists can benefit from these new charts then it seems that more and more people will possibly get the exposure they deserve.

The Rolling Stone Charts will debut on May 13. Only time will tell whether or not these new charts will make a difference in the industry at all, but one can be optimistic.