Residents Voice Concerns About Hangout Fest


Hangout Music Festival wrapped up it’s 9th year this May, but citizens are beginning to voice their concerns about the festival. WRKG News 5 in Alabama received a tip Tuesday that several people plan on voicing their concerns regarding the festival to Gulf Shores city officials.

Residents claim the music festival pollutes the atmosphere that welcomes families to Gulf Shores. Festival clothing and swimsuits seems to be one of the biggest concerns with the residents. Many locals aren’t a fan of the small bathing suits worn by attendees. Part of the issues with the bathing suits is the festival goers’ choice to wear them around the city.

Not all Gulf Shores residents condemn the festival. Many locals see the positives of Hangout in their city. Positives of the festival include the economic impact and internship opportunities provided to high school students in the area. The city receives roughly $700,00 in direct tax revenue for the festival each year. The economic impact for the area totals around $30 million.

In a city hall meeting on Tuesday, Shaul Zislin, the owner of Hangout Fest addressed citizens’ concerns and tried to ease meeting attendees. Shaul Zuslin said the concerns can be addressed unless residents go about it in a “mob mentality.” The Mayor of Gulf Shores, Robert Craft says the city gets together with concert organizers after the event every year to go over pros and cons. After the discussion and looking at accumulated data, Golf Shores decides whether to renew Hangout’s contract.

Hangout Music Festival has been in Gulf Shores, Alabama since it’s inception in the year 2010. The festival often boasts an impressive and diverse lineup. Meanwhile, there has not been an official statement released from festival organizers regarding the resident’s concerns.