Borgeous & RUNAGROUND – Better Anyway

better anyway

Borgeous & RUNAGROUND – Better Anyway

Borgeous & RUNAGROUND have teamed up once again to produce another hit. The two found creative chemistry in 2017 when they released ‘Coffee Can Money.’ This week they collaborated on ‘Better Anyway,’ an empowering and inspiring single.

The new crossover track is upbeat yet chill throughout. It begins with some amazing vocals. As the song progresses we are brought into a super fun drop with an awesome bassline. I find it perfect for a nice beach day where you just want to dance. Borgeous had this to say about the track:

“I hope this song can help people who are going through a hard break-up to find happiness in their independence and to know they’ll make it out okay.”

RUNAGROUND also believed in the song’s power to lift you up. It provides a summer feel that is hard to find in other tracks. In life there are a lot of setbacks, hopefully, their new song puts you back on the path upward. Both artists are currently on tour. You can check out Borgeous’s here and RUNAGROUND’s here!

You gotta check out ‘Better Anyway’ below!