Madeon Is Finally Back With New Single ‘All My Friends’


Madeon – All My Friends

All my friends are watching, I can hear them talking.

It’s been a long time coming, but new Madeon music is finally here. And boy has it been worth the wait. ‘All My Friends’ takes everything that we love from our beloved French producer and improves upon it.

This single, which is the beginning of the Good Faith Era, has more of a pop flavor to it. But it still is very much Madeon with the flowing synths, and gentle drum beats.

‘All My Friends’ also features his vocals, which is something that’s great to hear. Hopefully, this means we’ll be hearing a lot of him on the album.

This song just sounds like summer. It’s a play loudly at the beach and dance kind of song. Fans are already calling it the perfect summer anthem.

However, the lyrics contrast that sunny feeling. It’s a very self-conscious song. Which makes sense, Hugo has been working on this music for a very long time, and it’s so impossible to know how it’s going to be received. He talks about his friends watching and talking about him. Them making messes out of silence, which is possibly them not saying something that they could. And then: Somebody save me from the madness. It feels like it’s going to a dark place.

But there is hope, and that’s really the key to it being a Madeon song. His music is layered and complex (and I’m not even talking about his wild ARG, and yes there is one out there, for those who are interested). Underneath everything there is hope. I am a believer.

We’re believers too. And this just gets us all the more excited for the rest of the Good Faith era.

Stream ‘All My Friends’ down below.