Kidnap’s ‘Grow’ Debut Album Set For Release This Summer


It’s been a while since we last heard from Kidnap (P.K.A. Kidnap Kid), but he appears to have his debut album titled ‘Grow‘ set for release in the Summer. Since there is no release date set in stone, we have to be content with the title track arranged for release on Friday (May 31). Kidnap’s ‘Grow’ will feature his older collaborator Leo Stannard who helped shape ‘Moments‘.

Going through older releases, Kidnap had songs featured on Pete Tong‘s FFRR Records and Above & Beyond‘s Anjunadeep imprint. Anjuna secured a spot for his ‘Aba‘ collaboration with Lane 8 with accompanying remixes by Yotto and Luttrell. Aside from that, he set up his own Birds That Fly label which hosts a few of his releases. It was named after the song with the same title which saw the light in tandem with ‘Moments’. Dating back before the label, he used to release records on Black Butter Records. His most recent set of releases were ‘Turn2U‘, the Rinzen remix of ‘Skin‘, and ATTLAS‘ remix of ‘Ursa Minor‘.