Dave Winnel’s highly anticipated EP called “Life of the Valley (The Journey)” is finally here and we can not be more excited. The EP features 4 brand new tracks aimed to submerge listeners into a more trance-like state. Since living by the Albanian beach, Winnel has drawn inspiration from the ocean to help him complete this EP.

After months of waiting, the EP is finally here with new tracks including, ‘Lily of the Valley’, ‘Ksamil’, ‘Hyperloop’,  and ‘Brain Bug’. All four tracks offer a similar element of mesmerizing sounds to captivate the listener with ‘Brain Bug’ offering a heavier hitting drop which is perfect for the club. The other three tracks present an uplifting soothing melody. When discussing his new EP, Winnel had the following to say:

“I truly hope that listeners will be taken away completely when they press play on the EP or dropthe needle on thefirst groove – Don’t think about anything; just letit take you on a journeythat willhopefully result in pure happiness.”

The EP is out now and has been released on Armada Music. Take a listen to the tracks below and immerse yourself in his music.