SoundCloud Revamps User Profiles in IOS App Update

SoundCloud’s mobile app is finally getting a brand new user interface that’s long overdue. The new streamlined configuration will benefit all app users, but artists will especially appreciate the small details implemented. In a blog post today, SoundCloud pointed out some of the key features creators can utilize to expand their global audience.

The old profile page layout for artists felt outdated and difficult to navigate. It also had limited options for creators to show off their brand, top tracks, and biography. In their new design, the user interface has greatly improved. Artists will now be able to showcase their biography, profile photo, header image, and a pin to spotlight’ feature. Now less cluttered, only relevant user data will be front and center for followers and new listeners.

Underneath one’s profile picture, it now shows how many followers an artist has, along with how many users they follow. At first glance, the new profile page looks oddly familiar to an Instagram or Twitter profile page. The main portion of the profile page will then showcase an artist’s ‘Top Tracks’, followed by ‘Latest Tracks’ and ‘Playlists’. Last but not least, a share button has been added, allowing users to easily share profiles and specific tracks they enjoy.

The SoundCloud app update rolls out to IOS devices starting today. Unfortunately, there has not been any statement regarding when Android users can expect to take advantage of these new features. Let us know how you like the new update and if it was worth the wait!