Getter Cancels Visceral Tour in Wake of Fan Boos & Bad Attitudes

This is why we can’t have nice things guys. Getter got his start in EDM with your typical rage-bro dubstep headbanger music, and hey there’s nothing wrong with that. Over time he decided he wanted to mature his sound a bit and get out of that box, but some of the fans just weren’t having it AT ALL. A few weeks back we told you that fans booed Getter during his Visceral tour show because it was not back to back bangers like they wanted.

Now the bad attitudes of some fair weather fans have taken their toll on Getter’s well being. So much so that he’s cancelling the tour altogether. Taking to Facebook, he made the raw and sad announcement.

It really is a shame that artists who completely sell out their music to teeny-bopper sing alongs *coughcoughzeddcoughcough* continue to be celebrated, but artists that try to elevate their sound are harassed to this extent. Perhaps you guys should aim your boos at artists that deserve them over on the mainstage.