Oliver Heldens Accuses Big DJs of Buying Fake Views

oliver heldens
In this digital age of streaming, it’s hard to know sometimes what is legitimate and what isn’t. Views on a live stream aren’t always what they appear to be. Most of the artists who played at Ultra Music Festival this past weekend have started uploading HQ versions of their sets to their own channels. This means that they’re immortalized on the internet for us to replay as many times as we need.

In the wake up this mass upload, one artist is calling some people out. In a now-deleted tweet, Oliver Heldens accused many big names buying fake views. “Buying fake views on DJ sets to get noticed easier?” part of the tweet read. “This year again I spot (big) DJs doing it…” He claims it’s easy to spot with the view/like/comment ratio.

He named no names with his tweet. When someone asked why he didn’t call them out, he stated “Cause it’s not always their own fault. Might be their mgmt / digital people who push it through.”

What are your thoughts? Obviously, view-botting is a thing that happens all over the internet, but is it as big a problem as Heldens claims? When you watch a live stream, do you always like and comment? It’s hard to say.

Buying fake views on DJ sets to get noticed easier? This year again I spot (big) DJs doing it. What’s ur opinion on this? I refuse to participate in this, cause people r not stupid, it’s very easy to recognize the fake views (view/like/comment ratio), so why do people do this??

— Oliver Heldens (@OliverHeldens) April 3, 2019