EDMTunes Chats With i_o Following Surprise Ultra Debut Set

Nestled at the UMF Radio stage, i_o rocked the Ultra crowd. This rising star made his Ultra Music Festival debut on deadmau5′ mau5trap stage alongside Rinzen, Spencer Brown, Tinlicker, and No Mana. He is turning heads with his unique combination of uplifting trance melodies and pulse-pounding techno beats. Just wait until you hear his Above & Beyond ‘Alchemy‘ remix. We sat down with i_o right as he walked off stage at Virginia Key.

So you literally just walked off stage for your first time at Ultra – how was it?

It was just as much as I could have expected it to be. Incredible crowd started out, just went in, and like wow. No words, NO WORDS.

Have you ever been to Ultra before?

I actually was here a few years back with my friend Jauz but never to perform before.

And you’re pretty much the only artist on this Marine Stadium area belting techno, how does it feel to be the only one over here?

Ah man, it’s crazy how much techno has progressed in the US. You know like when I think of techno I think of European clubs and warehouses and obviously, Germany France etc – all of those places have a really great scene. But hey we’re building one here an all of these kids who have never heard techno in their lives are checking it out. It’s a f*cking movement and it’s amazing.

You must be familiar with Ultra’s new Resistance Island – do you plan on checking it out?

Yeah, actually I took a boat over here with ANNA because she was playing at the same time I was. So I’m gonna head over there, hang out, have a good time and see some of the actual legends out there.

Some might not know that you actually have a trance background  how does that work its way into your sound?

A lot of those melodies I use come from my biggest inspirations from when I was first going to shows – like deadmau5 obviously – which is why we’re here with mau5trap. And then we have Above & Beyond – who I’ve loved forever and they love us back which is amazing. The trance thing is great break between those driving kick drums, that lets you kind of create a moment. I feel like it’s kind of a new thing to be honest – I don’t feel like others -I mean I don’t wanna say I’m inventing this – but it really feels like we’re connecting in a way that I haven’t seen in a long time.

What do you have to say to the new fans that just watched you for the first time?

Thanks for coming! Yeah – I mean wow that was insane. It was fun – I mean I literally played a show in China a while back and there was a whole front row of the people I saw i China and I was like “f*ck”!. They brought me Chinese cigarettes, which is I guess a part of my brand now. BTW I don’t smoke Mom! Umm she probably knows by now. We have old fans and new fans from Anjuna because of my Above & Beyond remixes and fans from Andrew Rayel because he plays out so much of my music.