Anjunadeep Explorations 09

Big news, Anjuna fans. Anjunadeep Explorations Volume 9 is out now. This renowned label showcases fresh talent from the global deep house scene. This compilation welcomes seven new artists for their full label debuts. Tune in now to Magdalena, Lily AZ, Tom Peters, BAILE, Jozef K, Boxer, and Ronfoller.

While you’re listening along, here’s a play-by-play of the tracklist.

Magdalena, Lily Az, and Tom Peters – ‘I Think About You All The Time’: This track blends pulsating synths with deep sub swells. It’s a journey into the deep and space and will send chills down your spine.

BAILE – ‘Soft Light‘: AKA Reed Kackley, first appeared on Anjunadeep 10 with this song. The Brooklyn-based producer has a propensity for rich, textural dance music. It’s a slow house track backed with snaps and propelling bass line. This six and a half minute song is one to be reckoned with.

Jozef K – ‘Inward Spiral‘: Manchester native debuts his mark here. This piece is delicate, and an airy arrangement of synths and pads. Set to a backdrop of stuttered claps and organic percussion, this high-end atmospheric tune is perfect for rooftops at night.

Boxer – ‘Blue Planet‘: This UK producer shows off his first label an 8-minute epic piece of expansive builds and lush chord progressions. As the song progresses, the sensations you feel are incredible. Like watching creatures swim effortlessly through the ocean, you will be moved by this. If the actual Blue Planet show had an anthem, this would be it.

Ronfoller – ‘Along‘: Closing out is this debutant. Hailing from Azerbaijan, his blends a memorable riff with textural steel drums and driving percussion. His journey through progressive house and deep house have brought him here. While still new to the scene, his hard work shows here.

Take a listen to the compilation below. Feel enlightened as you listen and welcome aboard these newest additions to the Anjuna family.

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