Genix Breaks World Record On Mt. Everest

Genix breaks world record atop Mt. Everest
Genix set out to break a world record and he did not disappoint. Lots of us have partied high before, but not this high. Even if you went to Tomorrowland Winter last month, you can’t claim to party at these heights. With Mt. Everest as the venue and a small caravan of ravers, he took partying to the next level. Along with that, he shattered an unbreakable record.

Genix chronicled the world record attempt on his Instagram account. He posted some beautiful photos and even recorded some videos of the whole experience. Reaching an elevation of 5,597M (18362.86 ft) he eclipsed the mark he expected to reach by over 70 meters. This is an amazing feat that is now that much more unattainable. With the Himalayan mountains as his backdrop he posted a beautiful photo with this quote in the captions:

“Mind is blown. It was tough, mentally challenging, struggling to breathe, but all worth it.”

From the footage, it seems as though it was definitely worth the trouble. First of all, the training for this type of endeavor is quite daunting. Second, the dangers that come with climbing a mountain that has taken so many lives is intimidating. Recent reports claim over 200 lives have been lost and counting as melting glaciers reveal more bodies. Lastly, carrying all that DJ gear up to the party spot just to break a world record was no doubt taxing. However, to cap it all off, Genix still got to rock the crowd. From the looks of things in the video below, his set went over pretty well.

While some might claim a set at Ultra took EDM to new lows there’s no doubt Genix took it to new highs. With numerous amazing achievements under his belt already, one can only wonder what mountain he will climb next. Perhaps he has yet another world record in store for us. Only time will tell, until then, stay tuned to Genix’s social media for more.

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