Facebook Now Lets You Put Music on Your Profile

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Facebook never ceases to amaze us! The social networking site always seems to be improving its user’s experience, whether it’s by working with algorithms or by offering the opportunity to customize profiles.

Speaking of which, we’re all quite familiar with the “featured photos” tool that you can customize on your profile, however, back in October 2018, Facebook disclosed that one of Myspace‘s most beloved features might be coming into play very soon.

Recently, Facebook took select accounts on a trip down memory lane to bring back the ability to add a track to one’s profile. Myspace’s musical feature was designed to auto-play the single, however, Facebook’s borrowed idea still remains a tool in which you must select the song in order to hear it.

Although most profiles still don’t have this customizable option, we are looking forward to the day that we get to see this tool integrated for all accounts.¬†Which track would you feature, and why?

To find out if you have this feature, you will need to go to your Facebook profile and scroll down below the featured photo section in order to find out.