Apple AirPods 3 Rumored To Arrive In Late 2019

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Apple AirPod rumors again? After the second generation AirPods was released last month it appears Apple already has its sights on a newer version. A DigiTimes article reported that the 3rd generation AirPods may hit the shelves in late 2019.

While it certainly seems odd that rumors are already popping up on headphones that just released a few weeks ago, here is what we know. In another report, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told 9to5mac that the AirPods will come in two pricing models.

One of the models is said to be an upgrade to the second generation. At a rumored $159 price point, it may bring better battery life and an improved wireless chip. Add in 40 extra dollars ($199) and it comes with a wireless charging case. The other alleged model is the third generation AirPods that should have more substantial changes.  While no price has been stated, the major selling point is that they come with a noise cancellation feature. Some other features will hopefully include water resistance and fitness tracking.