Pandora Gets Content Upgrade Via SiriusXM

Nobody knew what to expect when SiriusXM bought out the ownership rights to Pandora Radio for $3.5 Billion last September, but now the satellite radio company is unveiling its plans for the online streaming service. In addition to regular stations, SiriusXM’s team is working to create original content for Pandora including music, talk shows and more.

In a statement Scott Greenstein, “the satellite radio company’s Chief Content Officer who will also lead the initiative,” explained the move.

We now have two great platforms to work with, and to offer that to artists and content creators.

Because we have dedicated teams at both Pandora and SiriusXM that are experts in programming, and now the Pandora audience and experience, it allows us to take programming elements that make SiriusXM great and make them available to the Pandora audience.”

This move is definitely a step forwards for Pandora users. The new team will be working on a variety of original entertainment options. This “includes the introduction of new full-time channels, shows, podcasts, playlists, and spoken-word content.” We can’t wait to see what new content the team has in store for the station!