Coming off his recent headlining U.S. tour, Lost Frequencies has just dropped some new music with Flynn. Their new track together is called ‘Recognise‘ and is released on Armada Records. Lost Frequencies is riding off the success of his latest hit tracks, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Like I Love You’. ‘Crazy’ was actually the most played track on Dutch radio in 2018. Lost Frequencies ability to fuse native woodwinds and percussion sounds.

Lost Frequencies’ new track, ‘Recognise’, offers a similar vibe to that of ‘Crazy’. The song kicks off with a slower pace beat but picks up slightly as the vocals come around. The track throughout presents a tropical kind of feel to go along with Lost Frequencies’ signature style. Flynn is on duty on the vocals of ‘Recognise’ and he passionately presents his talented skill set. You can check out Lost Frequencies and Flynn’s new track below now.