[WATCH] Meet The Link Miami Rebels Collective, Immigrant Owners of Club Space, In This Mini-Doc

If you live in the Miami area or have visited recently, then you may have experienced the new and improved Club Space. If you haven’t, fear not! Red Bull Music just released a mini documentary about the immigrants behind Space’s new owners, the Link Miami Rebels, and their impact on Miami’s thriving nightlife.

Club Space has been a staple in Miami for the past twenty years. Numerous legends have played there since its inception, from Paul Van Dyk to AviciiSkrillex and more. In 2016. Club Space was bought by three Miami nightlife natives: Davide Danese, Coloma Kaboomsky, and David Sinopoli.

Who are Link Miami Rebels?

Initially, there was a lot of skepticism surrounding the new ownership. Many of us have experienced a beloved venue close down or change ownership, and it isn’t always for the better. This time, however, the story is different. This wasn’t a huge corporate buy-out. Danese, Kaboomsky, and Sinopoli formed the Link Miami Rebels, a collective of creative immigrants. They are a mix of first- and second-generation Americans whose families had to flee dangerous dictatorships and regimes for a chance at the American Dream. Under Link Miami Rebels, Space has transformed from a club to a community establishment.

“we’re very different from each other with very different backgrounds. The events that we throw at Space and a clubs are kind of a reflection of that diversity.”

Immigrants can often feel alienated and caught between two worlds, and this is why communities are so important. It’s why dance music has had such an impact in all of our lives. Next time you’re in Miami, check out Club Space. Whether you’re there for the 2am club nights, 9am yoga classes, or 2pm terrace parties, the fun never ends. And all are welcome.

The documentary, Immigrants Make Miami a Dance Music Melting Pot | Inspire the Night, is available to watch below.