Illenium feat. Ember Island – Let You Go (ARMNHMR Remix)

Chances are, if you are a fan of Illenium already, you’re probably also an ARMNHMR fan. A big reason for Illenium’s success has been his melodic releases that has fans tearing at shows. The duo of ARMNHMR, consisting of Joseph Chung & Joseph Abella presents a very similar vibe in their music. With that being said, it was only a matter of time before a remix between the two acts was released.

Illenium’s track, “Let You Go“, features the passionate vocals of Ember Island and a slow yet powerful bass drop. Now, ARMNHMR has put their on twist on the track for extra dancefloor-like feel. The new remix by ARMNHMR presents a more upbeat upbeat sound throughout all while incorporating ARMNHMR’s signature sound. This marks ARMNHMR’s first release of 2019 with much more in store for the upcoming months. Best of all yet, ARMHMR has made their remix a free downloadable track! Take a listen to remix below now and then click here for the free download.