It’s officially March and Ultra Music Festival is right around the corner. Ultra’s new location at Virginia Key is finally coming to fruition, and Rapture has been vanquished. That hasn’t stopped the crazies from trying to stop Ultra. Wednesday evening, a “Miami Attorney” by the name of David Winkler sent an email blast to blogs claiming that he had filed an Emergency lawsuit against the City of Miami to stop Ultra. He stated in his email:

“Virginia Key is an utterly inappropriate venue for ULTRA.  The City of Miami circumvented its own laws and disenfranchised its own citizens to force this deal through… a deal that is a disaster for the environment and our residents.

My lawsuit asks the judge to declare the License Agreement entered into between the City and ULTRA void and force the City to follow its own laws regarding competitive bidding and participation of its citizens in the process. “

It’s unclear who this attorney is, but a Google search shows that he also inserted himself into David Beckham’s plans to build a soccer stadium in Miami. Apparently he played a role in stopping or delaying the project with two lawsuits against Miami over the past few months. In any case, the State Court lawsuit claims to be by the Brickell Homeowners Association and Christopher Mullin against Miami.

The lawsuit asks for Emergency Declaratory Relief to declare that Miami had no right to suspend competitive bidding over the Virginia Key space to allow Ultra to take place there. The lawsuit argues that the license granted to Ultra for use of Virginia Key and the Flex Park is actually a lease, and a lease requires competitive bidding process before it can given out. The lawsuit demands that the Court force Miami to apply competitive bidding to the site, which would therefore nullify the license agreement Ultra has.

Take this all with a HUGE gain of salt. David J. Winkler lists an email address for a seemingly non-existent law firm. It remains to be seen how serious this is, but it’s unlikely to get in the way of Ultra at this point. The Complaint mostly rehashes arguments that were made by Rapture and tossed out. Despite all of this David Winkler remains defiant, responding to email inquiry by stating:

I am going to be scheduling an emergency hearing to have the judge nullify the License Agreement and make the City go through the legal process required by its charter.

You can read the Complaint below and stay tuned for updates.