BREAKING: Ultra Music Festival’s Layout Revealed

Ultra Music Festival is just weeks away and we could not be more excited about the hype around it. With the second phase of the lineup just released, recent public records have revealed the location of some stages.

In the following pictures, you can where the main stageASOT/live stage, Worldwide stage, and UMF Radio stage will be located. Furthermore, you can see where the artist/press yacht will be located as well. For those who have VIP, your entrance will be more than perfect: by boat

Undoubtedly, we can deduct from the images as well that the Live arena will be enclosed. People have taken quickly on social media their concerns about whether the ASOT stage will be a cluster of people from the Worldwide stage.

From the above image you can see the Live Arena will be enclosed and in a square shape. We think perhaps Ultra will borrow designs used from Resistance stages at its Worldwide Ultra events.

You can also see the layout for Resistance Island here. The Megastructure will have a ton of space all to itself while the Arrival stage will offer the best beach views. The new Reflector stage is still a mystery but it will be nestled pretty close to the Arrival. Last up is the ECO Village, which is a new addition.