Teens Smuggled 394 Ecstasy Pills Inside Her Body to Music Festival

An 18-year old nursing student from Sydney, Australia, is back on trial for reportedly smuggling nearly 400 ecstasy pills into a music festival. Identified as Tina Phan, the woman was sniffed out by a drug dog at the Knockout 2018 Games of Destiny. Phan concealed the illegal substances inside a condom that was hidden inside her body. The festival itself, is described as the largest indoor music festival in the southern hemisphere.

Unfortunately, this year’s festival saw several attendees requiring medical assistance due to various reasons. 16 attendees required transportation to the hospital while three had to be placed in medically induced comas. Sadly, one person, 19-year old Callum Brosnan lost his life due to a suspected drug OD. In all, the festival had its work cut out to take down those carrying dangerous drugs into the event.

“Having 394 capsules of MDMA concealed internally is not just immature, it is a serious criminal offense and a deliberate act. I don’t accept she did it because of financial difficulties in the family” – Magistrate Louise McManus

What persuaded a medical student to smuggle dangerous quantities of drugs into a public event? According to her lawyer, Cheryl Khurana, the teen agreed to smuggle in the ecstasy to financially support her family. Her mother had supposedly separated from her father and she felt obligated to help out. Obviously, it’s shocking that someone who was studying to become a nurse would put other people’s lives in danger with illegal drugs.

Back on Trial

Phan will be back on trial for her actions after senior police officials found her previous sentence too lenient. Originally, Phan was given a 12-month community correction order with 80 hours of community services but now, she could be facing serious jail time. When it comes to getting money, there’s always a better option than turning to something illegal. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.