Soundcloud Unveils New Digital Distribution Service – Soundcloud Premiere

soundcloud premiereSoundcloud Premiere, Soundcloud’s new and upcoming digital distribution service, will soon be available to qualified artists looking to expand their audience. Users that are considered “eligible creators”, meaning they are 18 years old or older, have no copyright strikes, have at minimum 1,000 monetizable track plays, and create all original material will be able to take advantage this new service.

Basically, Soundcloud Premiere will do most of the distribution work for you once you have finished your creative works. The service will upload one’s music to other major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music, and more. Not to forget, the artist will be keeping 100% of the royalties earned through this service. Additionally, users will not have to worry about losing any rights to their work with Soundcloud. This could save you hours of time sitting and uploading to handfuls of websites when you could be creating new music.

The concept of keeping 100% of your earnings and rights sounds like a dream, it does come at a price. The distribution service will only be offered to Soundcloud Pro and Soundcloud Pro Unlimited customers. Keep in mind, these subscriptions cost around $6 – $12 a month. By any means, if you’re an inspiring artist that needs a little help, Soundcloud Premiere may be your missing tool. The service is currently in beta, but in the meantime, keep on creating.

Read more about Soundcloud Premiere here.