Apple Music Gears Up For Grammys With Giant ‘Animojis’ In LA

The 2019 Grammy Awards are set to take place this Sunday, February 10. Apple Music has taken a truly aggressive marketing approach to ensure that everyone in the Los Angeles area, where the event takes place, are well-aware of their exclusive music offerings such as concerts and other unique content. The music and video streaming service company has recently plastered some of the biggest Grammy-nominated artists as ‘Animoji‘ characters on massive billboards in Los Angeles.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept behind an Animoji, they are essentially an animated emoji that works with Apple’s iPhone X and messaging applications. Recently, iPhone X users and iPhones with the iOS 12.2 beta have added four new characters to choose from including a giraffe, a shark, an owl, and a warthog. It’s important to note that iPhone users will not be able to choose from the advertised artists designs – disappointing, we know.

Plastered on billboards across Los Angeles, images featuring Ariana Grande, Musgraves, and Shawn Mendes have been transformed into Animojis, and includes the title of the musician’s work for which they are nominated.

In true Apple form, they jumped on the opportunity to also include a massive Apple Music logo on each of the billboards, reminding everyone to check out their product. Pretty slick!