Ultra Reveals Resistance Megastructure Design & It’s Bonkers

This year Ultra is doing things a little lot differently. Besides moving to Virginia Key and operating 2 separate areas, Ultra is also giving us more advance previews of its stages than ever before. After teasing us with the new Live Stage and showing off the Resistance Arrival stage, Ultra just showed us one of the most anticipated stage designs of the year: the Resistance Megastructure.

Ultra is the only one of the big 3 festivals still using the classic megastructure design, and this year its all techno all the time. Last year Ultra took the design to new heights with the cool Vortex layout. This year Ultra is rewriting the rule book completely.

Resistance posted a quick teaser video which shows off the new Resistance Megastructure design and it is bonkers. The panels make up a huge lattice structure of diamond shaped interconnected LEDs screens. It looks like rather than separate panels the levitate up and down, there’s an entire connected structure similar to what you see at Omnia in Vegas or LIV in Miami. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before in an enclosed stage and we can’t wait to see it in action.