Laserface by Gareth Emery Hits Miami Music Week!

Laserface MMW
Laserface MMW

In 2017, legendary trance DJ & Producer, Gareth Emery, took light shows to the next level and introduced his iconic Laserface experience to the world. If the word couldn’t be any clearer, imagine a gargantuan of lasers—in your face—paired to your most beloved trance tracks. Anyone who’s had the opportunity to be graced by this production can easily testify that there’s no other show like it.

Enter 2019, and Gareth is outdoing himself again by bringing the concept to a plethora of cities worldwide. Each venue carefully handpicked himself, Gareth is going big by jumpstarting the 2019 tour with Laserface Miami!

Set for Friday, March 29th, Laserface Miami will take place during Miami Music Week. If Ultra Miami seemed like the winning destination for most dance music lovers that weekend, Laserface is a spectacle of its own to be reckoned with.

This mind-blowing live show will feature flawlessly choreographed lasers by globally renowned, laser show designer, Anthony Garcia, alongside leading-edge new technology exclusive to the show. With unprecedented number of lasers, fans have consistently been left astounded in awe—dreaming, reminiscing, and yearning for more.

Check out Laserface at Dreamstate SoCal 2018 below for a little taste. Granted, there’s no denying the lack of justice watching it on screen, your jaw is still going to drop. Laserface is a show like no other. To relive the moment, you would wish the videos of this production can represent even a tiny fraction of the magic it truly brings live.

Laserface Miami comes to Mana Wynwood on March 29th. Tickets are on sale now, so grab them here before they sell out!