Knife Party Reveals Upcoming EP Completion, New Pendulum Music On The Way

In the latest episode of their podcast, Knifecast, Knife Party revealed a joyous update for fans of both the duo and Pendulum.

Just last month. Rob & Gareth announced that they were in the process of writing a new EP and that we would soon see its release, along with new “Pendulum stuff.” Rob had originally explained that it would come “within three months.”

Enter the 11th episode of Knifecast. The duo revealed that the upcoming Knife Party EP is completely finished and will be handed over to their label by the end of the week. They also confirmed they have lots of brand new Pendulum material ‘ready to go’ – but don’t expect them to play it live before any of it is officially released.

With last year seeing “The Reworks”, a remix album of their most iconic tracks, could we see a brand new Pendulum album sometime this year? We sure hope so. It has been far too long since we got new material from the drum & bass group.

Knife Party, however, has still been (kind of) putting out new material in recent years. 2018 saw them teaming up with Pegboard Nerds on Harpoon. But as far as an EP is concerned, it’s been almost 4 years since the release of Trigger Warning EP (2015). And from the IDs we’ve seen over the past few months, this looks to be a glorious return to Knifeparty’s dubstep-infused roots with a slice of some newer stuff mixed in.

Check out the latest episode of Knifecast below.

Feature Photo: Rukes