Kaskade Performs Private Birthday Party for Cancer Survivor

Kaskade fan Efrain Cuessy was diagnosed with stage-two Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 17.  Through the Make-A-Wish foundation, he decided on bringing Kaskade to his 18th birthday party.  The artist’s media director, Jodi Call, replied informing him to save the wish, since it was on the team!

Before his birthday, Cuessy found out he was cancer free! Amidst that celebration, his birthday, January 31, arrived.  Sean Guarino, owner of Sexy Lites, and Tim Brennan, Vice President of PRG, personally drove to Cuessy’s home.  They delivered all the tech needed for his imminent backyard party!

Kaskade heard about Cuessy’s plan to open for him, so he insisted on a B2B. “Kaskade walked into my backyard, said hi to me, and asked if I was ready for a little back-to-back action.”  Kaskade played B2B with him for 30 minutes, then took over for a solo set.

“If I could hang out with my fans on this small of a scale every day I would. Getting to know Efrain and his story was such an inspiration for me. It was an automatic ‘Yes’ when I heard that he wanted me to play his 18th birthday party in his backyard.”