Key 4050 – Tales From The Temple [Album Review]

 Tales From the Temple: A Review

Two years ago I had the pleasure of seeing the infamous duo Key4050 at Dreamstate SoCal 2017. Their set blew my mind with its upbeat tempos, multiple genres, and unknown IDs. Today, we finally get to know them through their Tales From The Temple album. Consisting of 32 songs, this is a massive double disc album of their greatest hits. Let’s review.

Disc 1

01. Beetlejuice – A great intro track to the album, this is also a great track with elements of tech trance. It showcases both their influences on the genre with a harder style of sound. Listen closely and you might just hear the words “Beetlejuice”. Be careful though, this infectious beat can cause chaos on the dance floor.

02. Wendle – Another tech trance piece takes the second spot on the album. It resembles the tempo and rhythm of ‘Beetlejuice’ but replaces the lyrics with ‘Wendle’. It has a more mechanical sounding bass. The progressive buildups lead us to the next song.

03. Birch – Debuted at Dreamstate SoCal 2017, this song buzzes with energy right off the bat. It gives me chills when I listen to this one because this is the song that stood out to me from this set. The light melody comes in and leaves you in suspense while building up. As soon as you’re at the top, the drop hits you with the freshest beat. The subtle airy tones throughout the background give it the perfect touch of creativity.

04. Utterly Butterly – Debuted at Dreamstate SF 2018, this song is my number one pick of the album. It’s a slow, progressive buildup in the beginning. After a minute in, the melody starts to chime in with piano progressions. Wait for that drop to his because it is the definition of uplift. I cannot get enough of that beautiful piano. All the emotions wash over with this one.

05. Dinklebot – A darker sounding piece, this one takes us on a journey back into the techno world. This one will get you down and dirty on the dance floor for sure. With its long buildups, the intensity is great.

06. Trevor – A progressive trance piece, this is business in the front and party in the back. Let the driving bass guide you through the game of life.

07. Pikachu – I first heard this song in their Transmission 2017 set. It’s an appropriate theme for the electric mouse. The melody is sweet with a supporting bass line along the 139 bpm.

08. Settler – It takes about two minutes to get to the meat of this track. It is a gentle trance tune and takes you on the exit of your journey.

09. Squirrel – The first words you hear are ‘Squirrel’ and the chipper melody. It’s got a bouncy bass line and a robotic voice. This is a good middle of a set piece, as its downtempo prepares us for the next.

10. Quadruplets – Now we get into the psytrance. We can definitely hear their Irish influencing sounds here. As the words “Key 4050” chime in randomly throughout, it excites us for who we came to see. Put on your dancing shoes–this song is their anthem.

11. Meryl Beef – The echoing synth behind the bass line captures your attention. Perhaps a little Goa progressive, if we may.

12. Sweetest Road – At 138 bpm, this track gives warm, atmospheric vibes perfect for listening at sunset. It is a sweet road indeed.

13. Otter – The signature Key4050 bass line is in this one as well. Though the drops build up progressively, what ensues after is every shuffler’s dream. Dance!

14. Equinox – This is an interstellar sounding track with its crunchy synths and killer drop. What they do with this one is absolutely mind-blowing. Listen for the uplift.

15. Altered Definition – I think JOC and BK are trying to define a new style of trance with this one: theirs. Prepping us for the end of the first disc, we await what comes next.

16. Otterfly – When a festival comes to an end, you don’t want it to. This song comes on and your emotions soar again. You’ll feel that it’s never goodbye, it’ see you later to your friends you’ve made as a family. Until next time…(but on to Disc 2).

Disc 2

01. Irwin – A compression of carnivorous bass and techno tenacity (just like all the tracks on here). This is also a psychotropic passage to the genre’s outer limits.

02. Donadoni – Drum march, staccato percussion, and polygraph-tense drops, an HD studio work that is energy redefining.

03. Schillachi – Clap your hands, stomp your feet. Let the tech trance pounding bass carry you in this one. It’s fire.

04. Laudrup – Progressive meets techno. This one lasso’s you in deep for the ride.

05. The Truth – Trippy and hypnotic, the oscillating melodies bring you acid trance. Don’t forget that little chant in the back.

06. Bortolottay – A little white noise, a little hi-hat. This hard trance track switches up the tempo on this side.

07. Egon – Push me and then just touch me, so we can get our satisfaction. With interesting 8 bit sounds in the mix, this one pushes the boundaries on genre-bending.

08. Take A Break – Ethereal, smooth, and calm. The title says it all. It’s time to take a little break from the heavy dancing. The ending slowly brings you back to speed.

09. Retention – Ready, set, go! How many of the tracks have you liked and retained so far?

10. Jalapeno – There is no drop in this one. It’s a little eerie towards the beginning of the end. It’s just a never-ending progressive line to the finish.

11. Finkle und Einhorn – A tribute to Ace Ventura, this song has a bouncy beginning, a quirky middle, and then it ends. All righty then!

12. Intersect – Got hops? Make sure you dance hard to this one along with its tenacious bass line. Had enough tech trance yet?

13. Megatron – Another hard style sounding trance track with bass in your face. Hardstep away before the Decepticon attacks!

14. Ubuntu – In Zulu, the title means humanity. As the pounding bass line and distorted synths drive on, remember this one as the bond of sharing.

15. Dickie Tummay – A deep tech trance track that could be the score to an escape through Resident Evil 2. Listen at your own risk.

16. Alka – Claps start this one off as we journey into the light. Here’s the saving grace in uplift that we needed from this long road of darkness. Quite a good outro track.

And that’s all folks! My words won’t do them justice, but your ears will. Listen to the amazing compilation below!