Illenium Drops Brand New ID in Atlanta

Is there brand new Illenium music coming? After his latest single release ‘Crashing’, the American heartthrob DJ/producer hit Atlanta with a new ID over the weekend. A video taken by a fan in the audience is circulating the web. Numerous people held their phones in the air to capture this beautiful moment.

The new song is melodic, an anthem, and emotional. As if he didn’t pull on our heartstrings enough. From the video, the crowd obviously loved the new track. While live show recordings do not need to show excellent sound quality, we can feel how incredible the track sounds. The visuals he brings on his set amplify this moment in time. Everyone watching at home will feel like they’re there. We can’t wait to hear more new, euphoric music coming from him. This one will be a highly anticipated release.

Want to check out more live material from him? Here is his recently released compilation of 2018 live edits. Some of your favorite classics by him are on there in rare form. The only way we are going to get to hear this new ID again is on his Awake Tour.

As the song starts off slow, it gradually builds up into the melodic dub drop we know and love. The lyrics get you even deeper. Fans have already speculated the song title to be ‘Pray’. Join in on the conversation there and support Nicholas!

Whether you stream his music or attend a live set of his, there is no doubt that Illenium is here to stay. He treats his fans like family and that is why we love him. His music is an indication of that. You can find dates for his current tour here and you can check out the video here.