Australian DJ and producer FISHER is known for his colorful, uncensored sense of humor. His track ‘Losing It’ took the electronic music world by storm in 2018, and was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Although his track did not win the award, FISHER certainly made his presence known.

In an interview on the red carpet with an Australian-based news station, FISHER accidentally let the F-word slip. Recognizing immediately what he had done, he pulled a quick recovery, and showcased a much more serious face. Check out the video directly below to see this hilarious moment at the 2019 Grammy Awards for yourself.

Truth be told, this slip up is not entirely surprising. FISHER is an absolute character. His banter, in conjunction with his heavy Australian accent and endless jokes, has helped him reach over 503K Instagram followers. As a result of his wild personality and irresistible stage-presence, FISHER has attracted fans from far and wide. Even though he did not take home the Grammy Award for ‘Losing It’, this track has undoubtedly accelerated his musical career. FISHER is certainly here to stay, and we are excited to see what he brings to the table in 2019.

FISHER – Losing It