Berlin Politicians and Clubs Unite to Make Nightlife Greener

Berlin holds one of the strongest reputations in the world for its incredible nightlife scene – and doesn’t fall far behind with sustainability, either. The German capital has shared that they aim to become carbon neutral by 2050 and is looking to its nightlife to achieve this goal. This strong collaboration between the city’s politicians and clubs comes as no surprise to people who call Berlin home. In fact, the city recently pledged 1 million Euros to help clubs ensure they’re following noise regulations in an effort to preserve the esteemed Berlin culture.

Now, the Berlin senate is financing a new project that sends advisers to clubs in order to find new ways to promote sustainability. The need is certainly evident, since one single club in one single weekend uses as much electricity as an average household does in a year. Sustainability is enhanced when, for example, a club implements a recycling plan or replaces traditional lighting with eco-friendly lighting.

Incorporating the nightlife world into sustainability plans in order to implement positive societal changes is an excellent initiative by the Berlin government. For many people, the nightlife scene is the vibrant trailblazer for new ideas that eventually become norms. Furthermore, a recent study suggested roughly 90% of club goers believe the clubs should become more sustainable. By establishing a need for social responsibility and using clubs as change agents the Berlin government creates a powerful ally in the fight for sustainability.