Andy King Begged For His D**k Story To Be Dropped from Fyre Doc

Andy King’s d**k-sucking story was one of the biggest highlights of the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary. He exploded into internet fame and countless memes were made about him. Now we learn that he actually never wanted that scene to be in the documentary. He even begged for them to remove it.

I guess life has a funny way of working out. That awkward story was the most memorable part of the documentary and grew into a meme. As the story goes, Andy actually spoke with his lawyers and they believed the scene should be removed. So Andy went up to the Director and they chatted about the scene.

 “And when I sat with the director, he said, ‘Andy, you don’t understand: Without that scene, there isn’t a documentary.’ I said, ‘Oh come on, there’s no way.’ They said, ‘Trust me.’ And that is an integral part, as you know, of the documentary itself.”

The director was spot on. That story was such a central part of the whole debacle that was the Fyre Festival. It really showed how desperate Billy Mcfarland and his team were to carry out the festival. It also showed how willing Andy was to do anything for the festival to succeed. Of course Andy appreciates the scene more than ever now and it may have landed him his own TV series.

“I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if it had been taken out. I mean how I’ve become this social media hero over a situation like that, I’m in total shock. But I’m riding with it, it’s a lot of fun. TV offers to cameos in movies. I’m doing a cameo tomorrow night for the Spirit Awards. I’m shooting a movie in March, we’re working on a few different TV show concepts right now. I have three offers for those, it’s incredible.”

The internet has some perks some times and I am sure Andy will ride his fame wave for as long as he can.