Amazon Is Cutting Off Harm Reduction Kit Vendors

In important news for ravers, Amazon has announced that they will no longer be allowing vendors to sell harm reduction kits on their website. Previously, Amazon was a cheap and reliable resource to buy such kits confidentially. However, this move will no longer allow that – and is perhaps an attempt to minimize their affiliation with rave community. Seeing a huge spike in kit purchase over the past 10 years, they may also be trying to distance themselves from the drug paraphernalia industry.

Let’s face it – many attendees of a music festival is going to try and smuggle banned items into the grounds (including those grossly obnoxious 20-foot totems that block your view of the Main Stage). While some people take banned substances to enhance their experience and do it safely, the overwhelming majority of people do it simply to get “f***ed up” or as a result of peer pressure. These testing kits help you recognize what you are truly putting into your body in hopes of not making a fatal mistake.

amazon harm reduction kit

With the recent rise in festivals, raves, and weekend-long events, these test kits have proven vital for attendee safety. Insomniac has instilled their “Ground Control” team to help keep people hydrated, safe and aware during festival season. Many documentaries have taken place to help keep people aware of the dangers of what they put into their body. Therefore, it seems like a curious move for Amazon to pull these harm reduction kits off their digital shelves. What could be the real motive?

Whatever their reasoning is, this is no excuse to not be safe out there. As one Reddit user posted: “Always test your stuff. Don’t [let yourself] be the test kit.”

Be safe out there. Always remember to take care of those in need. If you are interested in your own harm reduction kit, we recommend the ones sold by DanceSafe.

Below is the famous Boomtown documentary on harm reduction importance.