[Watch] Getter, Flosstradamus and More Open Up About Mental Health Experiences in Q&A Session

It comes as no surprise that mental health is a serious issue not just in the music industry, but all industries. We have seen what it has done to Avicii, Illenium, and many others. Getter and Flosstradamus recently joined a live Q&A session facilitated by Icon Collective and Back to Back to discuss the effects of mental health.

The life of an artist consists of long hours, unpredictable pay, and overall stressful situations. These struggles are just the beginning, the journey to the top is much more. When you are a bigger named act, there is more expectation out of you. Your tour schedules become hefty with lots of time spent travelling on the road. Imagine the toll it takes on your mentality and physical health being trapped inside a mobile metal box. Anxiety builds before each performance–how does an artist cope with that?

DJs and producers also put themselves out there on social media for their brand and not everyone will take to it. In this world of heavy demand for something new, it can be tough to appease the right crowd. Branding is everything and their success relies on their fan base.

In the video below, both artists plus Aryay, and Blaise DeAngelo tell us about their own personal experiences with their mental health and its importance. We truly appreciate these guys for opening up about these struggles. It’s not easy being vulnerable; sometimes the ones we don’t think have problems are the ones that end up having it the worst. The more we understand, the more we can all create a support system for each other in the EDM community and around the world.

We hope people suffering from anxiety and mental health issues get inspired from Getter and Flosstradamus. Make sure to make some time and watch the video below. It’s over an hour’s worth of footage, but it is worth it.