A Uganda Club DJ Was Murdered Over His Track Selection

A DJ in Uganda was reportedly killed last week for playing bad or boring music. Apparently, during the set, a mob of partygoers got angry. They allegedly killed the DJ in the venue.

The victim, Jerry Okirwoth was performing in a dance club in the Nebbi District of Northern Uganda. He was attending Parombo Secondary School and DJing part-time.

The Nebbi Resident District Commissioner William Bob Labeja blamed the venue’s management for the incident. They failed to protect Okirwoth from the angry crowd. And due to this incident, and others, he’s calling for there to be no more DJs in the area.

“As the head of security in the district, I will no longer allow any disco operators to conduct their businesses in the sub-county. And anybody who defies the directive will be prosecuted. All disco halls in all sub-counties must be closed because they are causing insecurity and redundancy among the youth.”

This is just the most recent reported attack on DJs. Back in 2014, three Zimbabwean men were charged with murder after they assaulted and killed a DJ. The reason was once again for playing “boring music”.

And according to Ndhew Sub-County chairman, Bosco Okwai, this should have never happened in the first place. A bylaw was passed in 2011 which stopped the licensing of dance clubs. Clearly, it didn’t work. “We want all the local leaders to report those who defy the bylaw,” Okwai said in a statement.

Currently, there have been no charges filed in the murder of Jerry Okirwoth.