Shlizk Rleases Emotional Bass-Heavy Single “Need U”


Shlizk – Need U

Ashley Haenel, aka Shlizk, has released emotional and bass-heavy, single “Need U.” The song has the ability to ignite crowds at festivals, clubs, or parties. The song will make sure to hit you in the face with the 808s while the arpeggios pull at your emotion. The pitched vocal laid on top adds intimacy and atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, the percussion drives this song on to the next level. The changes in the drums add never-ending energy throughout the track. With an initial background in DJing, Shlizk knows what will work well in the crowd. “Need U” is an example of this.

Shlizk is set to widen her horizons in 2019, as her list of accomplishments gets bigger by the month. Haenel, a former CFO of a digital media company, has played at legendary clubs such as Space and Pacha. She currently has a residency at LAVO and Marquee New York. She is a DJ you must see if you have a chance and producer to not sleep on this year. Check out her latest single down below: