Paris Hilton Plans to Release a New Album

Paris Hilton announced via Twitter that she has a new album in the works. The American icon plans to be in the studio next month to record some new songs. This is, of course, not her first foray into music.

She made her debut with music back in 2006 with her album Paris. It did well. From there, she released a few singles. The most recent being her song ‘I Need You’ which was released last year.

She also had a career as a DJ. Though her song choice and her skills were a bit questionable, she was doing live mixing. So that’s definitely something that she should be applauded for.

There’s no word yet what sort of album she’s planning. We’re still hoping it’s the “Deep House, Techno-Pop, and Electro-Pop” album that she talked about back in 2017. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

In her tweet, she said that she’s looking for some amazing tracks. And to send demos to her management for consideration. Put your best stuff forward, and who knows, maybe very soon you’ll be collaborating with Paris Hilton.