Paris Hilton is Attempting to Make a “Deep House”Album

Its only been a few years since Paris Hilton has started “DJing”, but she’s already raking in booking fees of around $1 million per show. She made her first big musical milestone in 2006 when she released her full length pop album Paris. Now she plans to release what she calls a “Deep House, Techno-Pop, and Electro-Pop” inspired album.

One can argue that Paris doesn’t really know what she’s doing on the decks as a DJ (or musician), and that may be true to some extent. However she is known to mix live, so some credit is due to the heiress. Her poor interesting song choice and talent level are of no interest to clubs around the world since her DJ career has taken off. She finished her 5th summer residency at Amnesia Ibiza this year where she was known to host her Soap & Glitter Foam & Diamonds weekly party.

But now let get back to her potential sophomore album. What is Techno-Pop first of all? No one knows, but maybe Hilton has something up her sleeve by potentially creating a new genre. Maybe it’ll be “hotter” than her single ‘Stars Are Blind‘. The release of her single ‘Summer Reign’ this past summer may give us a sample of what is to come.

News of her working on the album was discussed during Hilton’s interview with TIME. In the interview she discussed a host of interesting information that allowed readers to gain an inside look at her DJing career. She told a story of her sneaking off to Ibiza when she was a teenager, leading to her first source of inspiration to get behind the decks. There was also the topic of her affirming everyone how serious she is as a businesswoman, but that she “loves DJing so much she’d do it for free“. (right)

After sipping on some rosé and changing out of her sparkly swim suit, Paris gets emotional. She wants everyone to know that she isn’t a brat and is always misjudged adding “the vibe, the scene, the experience of presiding over a party” are all factors that inspire her to DJ.

We’ll want to know how this translates into her Deep House, Techno-Pop, Electro-Pop, and everything in between album. We’re all waiting. Excitedly.