Official Trailer for Netflix’s FYRE Out Now

If you’ve been involved in the electronic music scene recently the name FYRE Festival will undoubtedly ring a bell. Billed as an exclusive two-weekend luxury festival on a private island in the Bahamas, FYRE seemed poised to introduce a new level of event production. However, things did not turn out as festival founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland promised. Attendees arrived to find a few measly tents unfit for living and packs of wild dogs roaming the island.

Billy McFarland is now sentenced to six years in prison and responsible for $27 million in damages. Ja Rule’s reputation is practically in the gutter, and to say the least the FYRE booking app the event claimed to be promoting will never see the light of day. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is how did we get here? Well Netflix stepped up to the bat and announced a documentary on the making of the disaster, and the first trailer is out now!

The trailer features scenes from interviews, promo material and actual footage as attendees pulled up to the event. You can even hear one festival goer say “turn this bus right around”. Images of mattresses being rained on and talk of consistent fraud highlight the two minute clip. Even from the trailer it is evident that FYRE Festival was never getting off the ground in the first place.

So go check out the trailer for the movie dropping January 18th on Netflix. Titled “FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened,” you’ll certainly get your $9 subscription fee’s worth out of this one!