Fyre Festival Documentary All Set for January Release on Netflix

Fyre Festival Two Years since the hot mess that was Fyre Festival, its still stands as a stark reminder of how not to organize a festival. Although the festival itself is long gone, the founder & organizers haven’t been having the time of their lives. With court rulings of wire fraud & money laundering and ultimately the founder being sentenced to 6 years in prison. The full story of what went down at the festival itself still remains in the form of 1st hand accounts from attendees & scattered news articles.

But thanks to Netflix (and Hulu too) in January 2019 we will get to see actual footage from the festival. On January 18th we’ll get to see how ‘Fyre’ it actually was (it wasn’t). Produced by Vice Studios, Library Films, and Jerry Media, this is one documentary dance music fans should definitely get around to watching.

So check out the trailer below for what will be one fyre documentary.