Kaskade Is Bringing Back Redux But With One Catch

Seems like no one can get enough Kaskade these days. If you agree with those words, these next six will be music to your ears. “Are you ready for ‘Redux 003‘?” Promises of a spring release for the latest Redux installment surely had fans dancing in their Kaskade Intimates (yes that’s a thing). However, the words that followed shut down all that excitement faster than a Kaskade block party.

Kaskade fans were not happy to hear about a lack of tickets for the Redux 002 tour in 2017. Because of that, hearing there will be no ‘Redux 003’ tour at all this time must be that much more soul-crushing. Read it here for yourself:

Ouch! Canceling the tour before it even starts is brutal enough. However, getting left with a “TBA,” on the full details is, well, kind of like falling off a platform. It’s not so bad at first but, you’re definitely going to feel it later.

That said, Kaskade fans should worry not. He definitely is a busy man and has tons in store for 2019 besides ‘Redux 003.’ He just recently announced his new residency at new super club Kaos of The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Performances alongside the likes of Cardi BG-EAZYSkrillex, and Above & Beyond will surely keep fans placated. Plus, you can always catch him on one of his many already announced tour dates as well.

All in all, fans shouldn’t be too depressed. Kaskade never disappoints (well, usually) so expect the EP to be amazing. Let’s not forget he did say he has enough material for a Redux 004 already. On top of that, he is doing at least one huge Redux show. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for the new ‘Redux 003’ EP and subsequent tour date! If you blink you just might miss it.