Kaskade Fans Are NOT Happy They Don’t Have Redux Tickets

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Kaskade Fires Back At Angry Fans Over Redux Tickets

It has become one of the most popular sideshows in dance music over the last few years. Kaskade’s Redux shows have attracted fans from all over the world and has gained serious popularity. Earlier this month, Kaskade released his Redux EP 002 and announced a Redux tour along with. He intentionally chose smaller, more intimate venues for the upcoming shows.

The problem? Well… there weren’t a lot of tickets available and the shows sold out in a matter of MINUTES. And the fans were not happy. At all. As loving and adoring as Kaskade fans typically are, they lashed out at Kaskade via Twitter for the lack of available tickets. It got so bad that even Kaskade, as kind and cool as he is, fired back at his fans and put out the fire once and for all. Check out the thread below: