Ja Rule Goes on a Twitter Rant About Fyre Festival

ja ruleThe Fyre Festival documentaries from both Hulu and Netflix that dropped last week were very eye-opening. They had detailed interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. It was an attempt to try to figure out how everything happened.

After watching the documentaries, people began to wonder why both founders weren’t in trouble with the law. Co-Founder Billy McFarland received six years in prison. However, the other co-founder rapper Ja Rule didn’t get in trouble at all.

Ja Rule took to Twitter to rant about everything. It all started with the tweetI love how ppl watch a doc and think they have all the answers…” and devolved from there. He claims that he has receipts. But as the ranting goes on, it just gets more and more pathetic.

He contradicts himself a lot. In the Netflix documentary, he claims they didn’t commit fraud, just maybe some false advertising. But then in his tweets, he says that Billy is being paid by Hulu when that money should have gone to the Bahamian people. Also in his tweets, he, himself says that he was “hustled, scammed and hoodwinked“. So was it a scam, or was it false advertisement?

Furthermore, he spends a lot of time on January 20th, tweeting about whether or not there was catering or cheese sandwiches. Then talks about how he never met the woman who paid $50k of her own savings after not being paid for Fyre Festival. Then the very next day, he tweets that his heart goes out to her. It’s all very contradictory.

Even after countless articles and two documentaries, there’s still so much we don’t know about Fyre Festival. And it’s impossible for us to say how much Ja Rule was involved. But perhaps he should stop tweeting while he’s still somewhat ahead.