GRiZ Pops Off 2019 with new Single ‘I’m Good’

grizGRiZ – I’m Good

The king of future funk is back with another single release from his new album. ‘I’m Good’ is the latest from GRiZ, from his upcoming Ride Wave project. We have been teased with two songs already back in 2018, ‘Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘It Gets Better’. It has been a full 3 years since his last album Good Will Prevail, which catapulted him and his style into the mainstream.

‘I’m Good’ has a classic GRiZ feel, with an absolutely slapping bassline leading to two groovy saxophone drops. The song bounces the whole way through, and the upbeat lyrics are infectious. Paired with the two previous releases which are just as funky, Ride Wave is shaping up to be an epic release.

Expect the album to hit shelves and streaming services in April 2019, and catch him on his spring tour here.

Ride Waves Tracklist:

01. Can’t Get Enough
02. I’m Good
03. My Friends and I Pt. 2 (feat. Snoop Dogg & Prob Cause)
04. Cruise Control (feat. BXRBER)
05. A New Day (feat. Matisyahu)
06. The Prayer
07. It Gets Better (feat. DRAM)
08. Bustin’ Out (feat. Bootsy Collins)
09. Caught Up (feat. Muzzy Bearr)
10. Maybe (feat. Yoshi Flower)
11. The Escape
12. Mercy (feat. Valentina)
13. Barrel Of A Gun (feat. Leo Napier)
14. Find My Own Way (feat. Wiz Khalifa)